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Rescue is an activity that I take very seriously. As a small breed, we don't have a lot of Cardigans that end up in rescue, but occasionally through illness, death, divorce, moving, or just plain straying, a Cardi ends up in a shelter or otherwise needing rescue help. I check local shelters when I can, rescue dogs from shelters or private homes, and transport them to foster facilities. Most of these dogs are mature, well mannered, housebroken, loving pets looking for new homes. I'm really not set up to foster dogs here, unfortunately.

If you think you might be interested in adopting a rescued Cardigan, you need to fill out an adoption application and get yourself on the national rescue waiting list. Go to http://www.cardiganrescue.org/ and follow the link to rescue to find the application. If you live in the Virginia, North Carolina, or Maryland area, we may cross paths as you pursue adopting your new family member from rescue.

I also assist with rescuing corgi mixes. There are a couple of organizations nationwide that specialize in the rescue and placement of corgi mixes. Even though these dogs are not purebred, they are loving, loyal little souls and deserve to have forever loving homes.

To see some of the corgi mixes currently needing new homes, go to www.forpaws.org or www.corgiaid.org and view the dogs seeking placements.

I continue to hope and pray that someday there will be no Cardis or corgi mixes needing rescue. Until that day, I'll continue to do as much as I can to help these dogs I love so much.