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Puppy Purchase



The purpose of this page is not to sell puppies. I rarely breed litters. I strictly adhere to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America Code of Ethics. http://www.cardigancorgis.com/CodeOfEthics.aspx.


I do like to announce upcoming litters because pups are an unusual sight here! If you are considering adding a puppy or a dog to your family, please take some time to read the articles below about picking the right pup, responsible dog breeders, pet shop puppies, etc. I think you'll find this information useful.


Finding A Responsible Breeder,

What about a Pet Store Puppy?


I ask all my puppy buyers to fill out a questionnaire. That way I remember to ask everybody the same questions! Click on the button to the left to see the questionnaire. You can email it to me at trubador@rocketmail.com 


Also to the left, you can view a sample of my pet puppy contract. Please take a moment to read it over.

You can also view puppies from each litter