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CH Coldstream Candy Spot CD HT PT AX NAJ CGC TDI HCT VCX

March 21, 1993 to August 30, 2008


The sweetest Cardigan Welsh Corgi ever.  Her heart was so big she had room to love everybody.  She never knew a stranger.  She loved food and belly rubs, and anyone who would provide either for her.  She was also the smartest Cardigan in my house.  She learned early to use her beauty and charms to train people to do what she wanted.  She could flirt with her beautiful brown eyes and bring smiles to the saddest of souls.  She deferred to her dear Buddy, but ruled the rest of the dogs with an understated but firm control.  She cuddled on the bed better than anybody.  Through the 18 months of kidney failure, she battled her disease with grace and humor, maintaining her elegance and dignity to the end. 

Candy went to sleep peacefully in my lap this morning.  Thank you Dr. Pozniak and staff for your loving care, and for making her passing quiet and peaceful.  Her beautiful spirit is free now, she can run, climb, and play.  She can see and hear again.  She can eat everything she wants. 

The house isn't the same without her.  Her presence is still here, I still look for her asleep on the bed, or under the back steps, or on the bathroom floor.  And she lives on forever in the warm memories held dear in my heart.

I love you so very much, my beautiful Candy.  Sleep peacefully.  You will always be deeply loved and dearly missed.







My involvement in Cardigans started in 1992 when I visited my friends Don and Cecelia Williams (Coldstream Cardigans) and saw their litter of 10 day old puppies.  I fell in love with the tiny red brindle boy puppy and soon found myself his proud owner.  I called him Buddy.  I had plans for him to be my beloved companion and possibly earn an obedience title.  The Williams encouraged me to enter him in a couple of dog shows as he was a nice looking puppy.


Surprise to all of us he won Best of Opposite Sex the first day and Best of Breed the next two days!  I was hooked on showing.  Now I share my home with Buddy and four more Cardigans: Candy, Fergie, Jesse, and Reba.   These are the Troubadour Cardigans. 



Why Troubadour as a kennel name?  I played oboe in Army Bands for twenty years until my retirement in 2004.  My job took me around the world.  I thought it appropriate to name my kennel after wandering musicians. 

 My goals are to pursue every activity I can do with my dogs; companionship first and foremost, conformation showing, obedience trials, agility trials, and herding trials.  I occasionally breed a litter and earnestly try to produce the highest quality puppies.  Mostly I simply enjoy the company of these endearing canines.


My canine affiliations are:

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